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About the blog

Welcome to my blog devoted to classical boxing.

Surfing the Internet one can easily find information about world boxing stars who have already achieved success in this kind of sport, have a look at analysis or read reviews of their past fights, advertisement of forthcoming promoted boxing evenings and combats. But very little is said about events attended by off-radar boxers, as well as about guys who are just beginning their professional ring career. Afterwards some of them become real stars and already at an infant state show fascinating fights, which, for the lack of information, very few will see. That’s how I had an idea to create a resource to share information about professional boxing at different levels, write about young and promising boxers – those who haven’t become professional boxing «stars» yet and whose career doesn’t develop at lightning speed despite their potential, opportunities and talent. The resource is bilingual, so boxing fans from different countries can learn about such boxers, follow their life and, if desired, watch their fights live. I strongly hope that my efforts will help attract more attention to promising athletes in the early stage of their careers.

In Addicted2boxing you can find information about boxers, interesting boxing events, read advertisements and reviews of fascinating fights, learn independent honest opinion about boxing in Russia and not only, get to know training process and outfit known first hand.

I cannot promise regular activity, but I’ll try to post only exclusive and interesting materials.

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